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This item has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please see one of our other fine stepper drivers.

The SLAm Stepper, based on the Allegro SLA7062M, is a very quick and easy to build, 3 amp 40 volt per phase, chopper, unipolar stepper motor controller. With only 15 components, and a very friendly PCB, you can have your motors spinning quicker with this kit than just about any other.

Easiest to assemble (and most compact) SLA7062 driver on the market! Beginning soldering skills are all that is required.
1A to 3A unipolar motor capability
Real SLA7062M from Allegro (not a cheap knockoff)
Professional PCB with wide current paths, ground planes, etc...
Stainless terminal screwdown connectors
Mode switches On-board

8th and
16th microstepping
(low power hold in any mode)

level: easy.
Picture of item #416056SLAm1:
SLA 7062M Stepper Motor Driver kit:
 $28.00 NONSTOCKED No longer available

Price breaks: @3 = $25.

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