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You have completed your set of glyphs but something is wrong, It is flat on a side that should have curve to it. Well, I hope this piece will help you to put the curve where you want it.
Below, I have tried to show how you can Add or Remove both points and curves, You will have to do both to get the look that you want for your glyph. If you look, you will see that I did construct an alphabet with Softy, Don't know if it could be made into a saleable font, but it can be fun. You can always add your signature to a font, That could be useful no?

Here, I have a glyph that I had made for the period. I didn't care that it was square, I just wanted to see what points were all about so I took the smallest and easiest to repair or replace if I did something wrong. Here, You can see one of the points is highlighted (the little black box)

On the TTF menu, you will find POINTS Now, Here you can add a point or remove a point, add a curve or remove a curve, the difference between the two points is that one looks like a small box (for Streight Lines) and the other looks like a small circle (for Curved Surfaces). I guess that makes it easy to see what you are pulling on since the box is for streight lines and the circle is for curved lines.

I just put this in to show you, All you do is to click and drag the point to where you want it. If you registered Softy It says that you can use the key board to move the points one pixel at a time, It does work but I find that draging works a little faster for me.

Here I selected the Number four by double clicking on it in the Display window on the extreme left and that entered it into the edit window, you can now make changes to your glyph. You may find something very simple like, the glyph is not centered in the box surrounding it. In this case, you just select Center under Glyph on the TTF Menu. It will center the glyph, Then select Update, That's it. Now, just remember to save the font back to the drive and you would be done.

This is the Number four after I had pushed, pulled, added and removed points. Granted it is not a masterpiece, but it shows you what you can do (the rest is patience). I could have altered it to stand totally upright, but it was a sample of the way I write so I didn't streighten it to much otherwise it would not be mine.

Now, Here is a sample of a glyph that could be a problem. It is not properly located, It looks like it might be in a smaller space than it should be, I will first try centering it and then see if that will do it. If not, I would then move the crowfoot to allow it to fit, them center it again
Having centered the glyph, I then went on to Add/Remove points as I thought necessary and this is how it looks now. I then Centered it again(It is easy to move the glyph while you are working with the points, If you click off the point you activate the ability to shift the glyph). Remember, I am not trying to make a perfect font here, This is for me and you to get a better understanding of Softy. OK, done? Remember UPDATE the glyph, and Save, else all is for naught.

This is what I was just saying, click inside the glyph box but not on a point and this broken line box appears, You can now click anywhere on the glyph and drag it to the place you want it located. When you are satisfied, just click your mouse again and the glyph is anchored and the box disappears.

The biggest thing here is to remember to Update and Save the font, Should you forget, then you will have to start again. I hope you find this informative and helpful. From here out, It is going to depend on you and the amount of patience you can muster. Most of all, Have fun, and enjoy yourself.


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