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The problem here, was that this font could not be installed and the creator, knew that he did not have that many fonts on his hard drive that it would matter. He therefore, believed that there was a problem with the font that he had created and asked if I would take a look. First thing I did was to check the font in Fontview and this, and the following three graphics are what I observed about the font before I did anything else to see if I could correct the font. In this graphic, you will notice that there are missing glyphs, and the spacing is really a problem here.

Moving on, to see if there was anything else that might be a problem, I opened the font in Softy and checked the fonts attributes. Here I found that the Character set attribute was set for a SYMBOL (dingbat font) instead of for ANSI (TTF font). I think, this is one of the first things you should check for if you are having problems with the font not displaying in a word processor.

Here, I have just grouped some of the things I found wrong in this font, I have covered them in previous writtings, so I will just move on to what else I found with this font.

Now, I went into the font and was checking the different glyphs in the font when I found two glyphs that were showing up in the window on the left, but was a blank in the window on the right. If you right clicked the mouse button, it would create a box around the empty space, It was not really empty, if you made the screen flicker (clicking your mouse on the glyph in the window on the left, will cause the screen to flicker), you would get a glympse of the glyphs outline so you know, there is a problem here


I think, the trick here, is getting the glyphs to show themselfs. I also think I was lucky in that I just clicked the mouse twice in the work area and the glyphs revealed themselfs to me. Once I saw the glyphs, I saw that both of them had a double set of points, What I mean is that for whatever reason, the glyph was drawn twice, right on top of of each other.

I had come across this only once before when I was making a glyph for my own use. I could not figure out why the glyph was not showing and I stumbled on to the fact that the glyph was actually a double copy. I could not delete the glyph and start over, I had already gotten rid of the picture I used for the scan, so I had to try to find a fix.

What I did, was to select one of the points and started deleting them one by one until I had made a complete lap around the glyph, thus removing one of the copies and leaving the other. I then went on to fix the other problems in the font. The problems solved, I thought that it was a pretty nice font.

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